What's Saudi Prince Alwaleed's track record?

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  1. Any idea? They call him the Arabian Warren Buffett. AFAIK, his holding in Citigroup isn't doing so hot.
  2. Prince peewee should have bought BAC; a company with a stranglehold on the banking sector.

    Don't need to be a billionaire to see that

    But Buffets picks are horrid lately though. His 'yearly letter' is analogous to toilet paper.
  3. There's another prince that is screwing Citigroup up, and his first name is Chuck.
  4. Most people that inherit billions of dollars know jack sh!t about anything, Prince Alwaleed included.
  5. alwaleed is a cool guy. 2 thumbs up in surfer's book.

  6. I would be "cool" too if I inherited $$$$$$$$$$$ :cool:
  7. SteveD


    I think he is in C at about $10/share....

    Also, in AAPL from several years ago.....real cheap....

  8. Answer this question:

    Where are the stocks Buffet owns held? In what name or under what company are the stocks owned...

    Also Buffet is a buy and hold investor, so it does not matter what his picks do lately since he will have them for 10 years or more perhaps.

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