What's Rule 48 and How Does It Affect Us?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cstfx, Mar 15, 2011.

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    NYSE and AMEX to invoke Rule 48 at the open to smooth volatility.

    What is it?
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    That's when the specialists are not required to post pre-market indications of the range where they anticipate opening their stocks.

    If you use this info, be aware that it won't be transmitted when Rule 48 is invoked. Usually due to extreme pre-market moves in the market as a whole.
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    ok. thx.
  4. Rule 48 implemented by PPT this morning as the f'ing rigged market would have dropped 600 points this morning. In fact they hid the underlying stock prices premarket otherwise futures would have been hammered down.

    There is no free market in the US. Hell at least the Japs allowed the Nikkei to see full price disclosure by going down over 10% in one day. That is 16% over two days.

    Ask yourself would the FED and PPT allow the DOW to drop by 1,200 or 10% in one day? Hell no.

    Folks look deeper this is a rigged market.
  5. Are you saying that buying the market if it is down 8 or 9% is safe. just put your stop below 10%.

    How would you play this inefficiency created in the market by PPT
  6. Stay long.