What's REALLY Wrong With America

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  1. 1. The Public Sector and Entitlements have grown too large to be supported by the Private Sector.

    a. Too many Public Employees earn too much salary and are promised/guaranteed too much in the way of benefits.

    b. The Entitlement sector has been given and promised more than can be paid for.

    If America is to survive, both of the above must be "scaled back". Of course, nobody wants his benefits and promised benefits to be reduced/cut... but the fact remains that "too much has been paid to too many.. and too much has been promised (Promised = "Extorted by public employee unions and promised-in-exchange-for-votes by unscrupulous politicians")... MORE THAN CAN BE HONORED".

    2. The Greed/Lies of Federal Politicians.. and the accompanying deficit spending.

    3. The Greed, Lies, and desire for POWER from the immoral Leftists.

    4. Military is overfunded and overextended... should be reduced to "essential defense functions".

    Fix these things, and America has a chance. Otherwise, it's just a matter of time until America is flushed down the toilet.

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  2. Being Apocalyptic is fashionable.

    BTW: is you wife still under the impression that she is being forced to provide health care to the indigent as per her belief of "ObamaCare?"
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    Too late. Divide the cost of government by the number of people to get an average cost per citizen. Then see how many pay that much or more in taxes - practically no one. 90% of us are moochers, only 10% are paying our "fair share".

    Most of the population pay no income taxes.

    The only way to solve this problem is huge spending cuts and tax increases. How in the world would anybody expect a big chunk of the 90% to vote for a massive reduction in benefits and a big ol' tax increase?

    I don't care if you have enough tea to float the Titanic, we're not solving this problem until it become a serious PITA.
  4. Spending cuts only. [​IMG]
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    Won't work. We need a substantial majority of voters with skin in the game. If too few people are paying the tab, the majority vote is for lots more Perignon and caviar.
  6. Really ? It wouldn't work ? If you spend less then you bring it it would definitely work.
    It is not an easy thing to do and imo we are waaay beyond the point of no return but in theory ...no brainer.
  7. The Math...

    Federal Government taking in about $2.5T in Federal Income, Corporate, Cap Gains Tax of all kinds + deficit spending another $1.3T on Odumbo's watch... that's $3.8Trillion.

    There are approximately 300 million US citizens... that means each citizen's "share" of the Federal expenditure is about $13,000. So, a family of 4's share = $52,000. What percentage of such families are paying that amount or more? What percentage of ALL of us are paying $13,000/year?

    90% moochers?... might not be much of an exaggeration.

    What's next after the Golden Goose has been sucked dry?

    "Progressive-ism"... the present day equivalent of Communism. It will be the DEATH OF AMERICA as we've known it.

    Is that OK with you? (Not you specifically, TGregg, of course.... meant "you" as in anyone who would read the post) What about your kids and grandkids?

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    What is truly weird is that it was the f%^king Republicans in the '90's using the "family values" argument that changed the tax laws such that 50 million households have no skin in the game... they needed Clinton to sign off on it of course but it was the Gingrich crowd that enabled that to happen... I guess the Republicans got invaded by the NeoCons that weren't anywhere as conservative as they claimed to be or something... at any rate, I'd say the game is over, the US is like Greece now. Greece doesn't have their own currency to inflate so they will default but the US still can try to have the reserve currency and then they can inflate their way out of debt. My guess is they will continue with the debt while inflating though, that increases the political fortunes of the Left...
  9. Seriously Scat...Is your wife an actually physician? If so is she still under the the misconception that ObamaCare is forcing her to provide care to the indigent? What her specialty ...if she has one?

    As you may have guessed, I'm not letting this go. I want an answer.

  10. He's probably lying. Check is he still breathing?
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