What's our demographic 2

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  1. Please spare me any posts calling me a racist, the U.S. census asks the same thing.
  2. White, not Jewish

  3. Where's American Indian?
  4. We have 17 tribes in AZ.
  5. I guess I'm a tribe of one here
  6. maxpi


    We Indians just do not count for anything. The federal govt. lost $90 billion in the trust fund, in the 90's apparently, can't account for it, the Bush spokeswoman for the Bureau of Indian Affairs said "let's be forward looking". It never made the news after that. What else is new?

  7. I meant no offense at all to Native Americans.
    I have ZERO predujice against all non-Muslims.
    I've met thousands of traders, and not one of them (that I know of) has been Native American. I thought you were extremely rare in the trading profession... I stand corrected.

    BTW, I'm pretty shocked by the poll results so far. I had expected 30%- 45% to answer "Jewish".
  8. I heard the same thing when I got my mathematics degree. Check out the smartest man I know http://www.vanshardware.com/
  9. maybe they gave it to Turkey.
  10. Oh well, there goes all your "The Jews own all the money and run the world's finances" rhetoric.
    p.s. the U.S. census says "White, non-Hispanic". It does not say White not-Jewish. At least, not in the state I live in.
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