What's one of your main desires?

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    Go hunting fishing camping? Become a boxer punch someones lights out? Become a chef and work in a kitchen? Do as least as possible and just cruise because you are there? Create an invention? Mentor someone if you could find someone? Struggle upward in this rat race? Work for the POTUS? Become a better employee? Become a better boss? Do charity work for unfortunates? Don't know what I want? Can't see the point of living? Have so much to do can't sleep at night in anticipation of the morning?
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    You're having a nervous breakdown. Stop trading.
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    Des, he just needs some ukulele. Nervous breakdown? Nah.

  4. To get up on stage and sing like this guy with a disney princess :D
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    Short term, I'm looking forward to a bear mkt so I can stop trading, have a break from looking for opportunities and go the the beach a bit more frequently during the day.
  6. Why not go the beach a little more frequently, occasionally trade from your brick of a laptop and enjoy the view. Sounds like you have everything in place except you're living like hermit
  7. Funny you should say that. I live in a condo overlooking sobe, go to the beach everyday. Done next!
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  8. Great to know - however I wasn't talking to you. Cool story bro ;)
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  10. Nobert


    Sharing honest answer,

    to a question like this, gives 80% chance, to be considered as a foolish dreamer, by others,


    sharing something fake or nothing at all,

    gives 100% chance, to be considered as a coward, in front of my own eyes.

    So, as naive, stupid & idiotic this may sound,


    becoming a billionaire,

    to be able, to fund project of , building real Erebor from Lotr. ( could be monetized)

    Minas Tirith as well ( in 2016, a group of architecs from uk, asked for $2 bill funding for such project, ofcourse, didn't happen, could be monetized)

    Building real Atlantis, ( could be monetized )

    Rebuilding Babylon, ( could be monetized, tho the original location isn't the best option )

    Rebuilding all wonders in general ( greeks had idea about Colosus, but, $400 bill injections from Germany and etc, were not for that )

    Yet, giving the fact of virtual reality, expanding it's borders to our lifes, potential brain and tech symbiosis till 2070,

    physical locations,

    for tourism, as for fundaments, should loose, decrease in attractivness, over time.

    And still, things like that, would bring a signifficant cultural capital, for generations to come.

    All i can say about big goals and people, who are not afraid to chase them, fits in one minute :

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