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    I stopped all carbonated drinks first, I was addicted to Dr. Pepper's no doubt.
    Then I finally got it in my head to stop eating fried foods of any kind.
    Kicking candy bars was easy cause they cost too much.

    When I lived in the city I bicycled but after these changes in diet not much happened.
    Moved to the country can't bike roads to dangerous.
    Wound up with high blood pressure somehow, did some self examination of lifestyle.
    Decided I was getting off this high blood pressure medicine somehow.

    Next was to kick all salt / sodium which I did no problem. I am very low sodium.
    Decided if I kicked all caffeine of every type maybe that would fix me, but didn't.
    I decided bread was my enemy so I have stopped all white fillers of any kind.

    BOOM - after 3 weeks of being off bread, rice, pasta etc. I was removed off high blood pressure medication.

    Basically I have a rule if it's not natural food, I don't eat it. Also I stay away from as much grease as I can.

    Now I eat meat, vegetables of all type, eggs, nuts etc.

    What's Next? I have one last thing to kick that I am having the hardest time with SUGAR.

    I don't eat cakes, pies, cookies, etc. very often but I like hot tea (decaf) with refined sugar each day. I drink my coffee black.

    I am stating all this because after I KICKED BREAD, I felt alive again, I am not hungry at all, I am losing weight without exercise, I am super energetic! I am off my high blood pressure medicine, nothing I tried every worked till I stopped bread.
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    Swap out the refined sugar for granulated monk fruit. It's a natural sweetener that tastes like sugar but with no calories. We use it all the time for anything that calls for sugar.

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    Once you know where your sugar comes from, it will be easier for you to make dietary decisions.

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    BTW, Congrats on all of your recent dietary choices! Good job!
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  5. Candy bars cost too much?
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    yea when they jumped from 5 cents to $1 + i lost my taste for them..
  7. %%
    Sounds like you meant ''refined'' white bread[ not a racial statement,LOL] Mark; the whole grain/12 grain /23 grain is much different/better . The refined white flour turns to sugar quick + has no or low fiber...............................................................................
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    From 1960 to 2000 is quite an explosive jump. LOL
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    i cut out all bread completely, i seldom ever used white bread "i hate it" but yea i kicked out wheat all that stuff. i do miss it a lot especially the sour dough bread. i have not had any rice or pasta for a couple weeks now my belly is still shrinking pretty good.

    i tried splenda and it was uck so i am drinking sugar free ice tea, hot tea and coffee decaf with no additives (milk etc.) and boosted my intake of wine and bourbon. i do not drink water at all.

    my trading has improved as well no joke, i am on fire my head is clear and i am mellow. can handle more task easily and i never am hungry, i just know it's time to eat.

    mostly i am eating steamed veggies and meat, almonds, some fruits, rasins, salads etc.
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    I enjoyed a pumpkin pie=thanksgiving; I never eat that stuff all the time. Actually raisins, apples, peaches taste better + sweet with out the pumpkin pie. I like coffee black. :caution::caution:Home grown apples are even better.
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