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    Just saw this on Reuters........

    Europe's First Moon Probe Launch Seen Next Month
    Fri August 29, 2003 11:48 AM ET
    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Europe's first moon probe is expected to lift off from French Guiana at the end of September after its voyage was delayed twice in recent weeks, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Friday.
    The scheduled launch of the Ariane-5 rocket carrying the SMART-1 moon probe was delayed from August 28 and September 3 at the request of a consortium with a commercial satellite on board, the ESA said.

    "The expectation is that the launch will now take place at the end of September," ESA said. A date for the launch would be announced next week.

    The probe, which will orbit the moon to study its surface, is expected take around 16 months to reach its destination. It will search for signs of water in moon craters and try to shed light on the origins of earth's closest neighbor.

    Boy, I tell ya, those Europeans are really on the cutting edge aren't they probing the moon ??? I heard that there was even some speculation that in a few years, they may be able to put someone on the moon. What's next with those technologically savvy Europeans, air conditioning ?????:p Just kidding, I know that's nothing to joke about, but couldn't resist the lay-up.

  2. Hell that's very true, considering over 1000 French supposedly croaked from that latest heatwave. Maybe they oughta wrap some of those white surrender flags around their heads for pretection.
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    It is now reported that over 11000 have perished in the horrific heat wave that hit Europe. I can only pray that the French and other European governments will take some kind of action to attempt to stop this kind of tragedy from ever happening again. Easiest way to fix the problem --reverse psychology-- tell the French that the US is going to install the air conditioning in France all by themselves, with no help from anyone else (OK, maybe help from the British and Australians)--that ought to get the French off their arses and jumpstart the process:p

  4. Indeed. I cannot believe how a supposedly 21st century country can have that happen.
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    quite right ...

    Wernher von Braun (1912-1977)

    Wernher von Braun is, without doubt, the greatest rocket scientist in history. His crowning achievement, as head of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, was to lead the development of the Saturn V booster rocket that helped land the first men on the Moon in July 1969.


  6. ...you forgot the a part where he surrendered when he landed on the moon....he saw a shadow:D
  7. I have to wonder about these #'s.....i live in florida...from May 1st to Oct.1st it is 90 or higher......and we have all the old people here....i don't think those #'s are accurate...can;t be..
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    But everyone down there in Florida everybody has some kind of climate control, whether it be AC, a fan, ice:p , some way to combat the nasty heat and humidity down in Florida. Supposedly it doesn't really go above 75-80 over there in France, so they were blown away when it topped 100 degress. The lack of preparation is pretty disturbing, especially from such an "elite" society. Why didn't they just go and chill out in the wine and cheese cellars ?? They're supposed to be a nice low constant temperature:cool:

  9. still, i would bet a lot of the deaths were sick and elderly who were a step or two awy form the grave anyway...i mean 11k???? its just mind blowing
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    It's called socialism. They tax the bejeebers outta electricity on account of how it's causing TEOTWAWKI, so most folks don't have AC. And from what I understand, they gotta raise those taxes even higher on account of that Koyoto thing.

    Or, they could go more nuclear. :D :D :D I think they'd be more likely to go capitialist than more nuclear, and there's no chance of that.
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