Whats next? $600 unemployment boost has "ended"

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    just gotta really love these headlines. Whats next???????

    We all know what's next.....

    more damn stimulus.

    it may not be $600 but it will be something to satisfy wallstreet bulls.

    might come as early as next week so get ready for historical highs on the market.

    The $600 unemployment boost has ended. What’s next?


    • The $600-a-week CARES Act supplement to unemployment benefits ended Friday. The Senate adjourned for the weekend without passing an extension or replacement.
    • Labor experts expect Congress to replace the $600 with something. When, and by how much, is unclear.
    • Around 30 million Americans are getting unemployment benefits. The average person will receive $321 a week from their state without any federal aid.

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    haven't you heard? It's those darned fiscal conservative libs
  3. Turveyd


    Living wage, the slip into socialism which Trump is fighting is upon you.

    That's why the worldwide over reaction and number cheating to make it worse, Covid is mainly being used to make everyone poor and equal.

    It's the only fair way to look after everyone during a huge depression which we just created, capitalism is sadly over. Ps. A race war to further the damage and kill millions would be ideal, so over to BLM!
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    What's next? Well, I say divert some of the money directed to corporate welfare to social welfare, thereby renewing the $600 unemployment boost.
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    I say cut it all off and let the chips fall where they will. No corporate welfare and at most fund extended unemployment at the state rate for 24 months max (including the state normal 26 week period). It worked back in 2009; why is it different this time?
  6. % %
    WELL, if the media blames a DOW/ SPY summer slump because of more people getting back to work;
    that just goes to show never give stupid amounts[600 bonus] for unemployment./ not working/LOL
    And if qqq goes higher like it has;
    it did when the gov got shut down also= ok.[ THAT $600 should never have been given like that;
    a one time lump sum for same amount =fine/maybe the us treasury needed the time extension/LOL]
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    Im Telling you, people want that $600 and I believe they will be getting that extra $600 a week on top of unemployment soon. Should rocket the markets to historical highs!!!! They can go another week orn2 without it so I think they will push something through just to satisfy everyone before they go on break once again.

    Trump considering unilateral action as stalemate over coronavirus relief continues
    ABC NewsAugust 3, 2020, 4:43 PM

    As Congress continues to flounder on a path forward for the next phase of coronavirus relief, President Donald Trump said Monday that he was considering executive action if Congress fails to act.

  8. Overnight


    All this while these bastards get their employment checks, paid for by the taxes the once-employed people they are supposedly trying to save from homelessness had done actual, real work. Not like these clowns who stand at the pulpit and spew, get everything for free, like their catered lunches and free travel etc ad nauseum.

    Just sickening.

  9. If you are a trader who generates all or most of his or her income from trading, you'll be fine. If you have a job, you do not want those $600 payments to stop anytime soon. Those payments are keeping the rest of America employed. Too many people still employed do not yet see how this effects them. The economy is in dire shape. It can hold together if incomes can more or less hold together. Cut all the unemployed to the state level and the whole country goes. If they do not renew to $600 or close to it, real unemployment will skyrocket in two months time.
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    Somebody was paying attention during ECON101.
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