whats more important teachers or war?

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  1. Congress is about to pass an additional $32 billion to pay for the war In Afghanistan, while at the same time, it struggles with a $23 billion bill to forestall the layoff of nearly 300,000 teachers next year. What kind of country are we?
  2. A Roman Empire type of country...

  3. Since you lifted your question almost word-for-word from someone who actually is a "Free Thinker," the least you could do is give some credit where credit is due.


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    Free Thinker is not a Free Thinker at all, he gets his opinion given to him by the huffington post, 99% of article he posts come from huffington post, and now it turns out he just straight up plagiarises the far left sites views instead of thinking about anything for him self, that has to be one of the biggest jokes of a name on elite trader.

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    A congress and a White House controlled and occupied by the democrats.
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    Free Thinker;
    Actually I thought the Democrats were right on letting Irag pay us in oil or , USD for some of the wartime exspense, but they outvoted me & Dems. ON THAT years ago:D

    Dont get your liver in an uproar if they dont ''bailout 300.ooo teachers'';
    education is mostly local, so if you want to join a Bible club in school, no problem.Private .school & home schools usually excell, so thank God

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    Economics class graphs. Guns or butter remember those...

    It used to be guns or butter.. Now it has to be less guns and less butter.
  9. Impossible with a current real GDP growth rate of 3.1%

    The general population is way too negative. And they have been for over a year.

  10. I say the war on teachers and other govt unions, along with war on Unconstitutionally oriented subversive politicians is our most important
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