whats more addictive.. crack.. cocaine... wallstreet/trading..?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by simon1080, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. My money is on trading.

    I am sitting by my computer .... counting down and waiting for monday morning action.

    Its going to be insane just watching it unfold.. even though Im staying on the sidelines monday to not get caught in the whipsaw!

    I need to see a shrink!
  2. You are definitely a noob, your need to "predict" everything combined with the need to feel the rush of monday mornings.

    It's ok Simon, we've all been there. Although a lot of us aren't cocky SOB's like you but thats neither here nor there.


  3. ^^^^

    I see you completed your education in NYC over the weekend on how to clean yourself?

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  4. If you want to pretend like you are a "pro", you should stop starting NOOBIE threads! LOL :D

    Simon, I apologize, you are just an easy target. If you weren't such an a$$hole, people like me wouldn't stomp on you so much.

  5. People like you...I use to clean my cars!
    You are nobody to me .. anyone else .. or the planet for that matter. Absolutely useless!

    People like you have no justification for existance.

    Now silence little chimp!
  6. aaaaaahahahaha, I made you look like a dumbass in the feedback section so now you searched out my posts to throw temper tantrums. I love it! Please keep them coming, its fun having this control over you :D

  7. Simon, surely you can understand how it would be easy to spot a noob by their utter excitement for Monday to roll around.

    Here is a little free advice for you, learn to keep your emotions in check, don't ever get too high or low, stay even keeled so that your decision making will never be affected by the pull of greed or fear.


  8. Your giving me trading advice maggot?

    this is starting to get really funny.

    lol lol lol
  9. Yes and I didn't even charge you for it. You are welcome Simon.

  10. That wasn't me that posted that u chimp!

    I don't care enough to search to see how weak of a trader you are! hehe
    I can already tell by the fact of seeing your jelousy towards the greatness yours truely!
    #10     Sep 13, 2008