What's Leading the Market Today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by FuTuRez, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. FuTuRez


    I thought it would be interesting to hear opinions on what seems to be leading the market on a daily or intra day basis (as it may change through out the day).

    I'll take a guess...


    What say you?
  2. My opinion...

    Oil lead the charge (down) for the Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ and YM) between 0956am - 12noon est.

    Eurex lead the charge (up) for the Emini Futures (ER2, ES, NQ and YM) between 1256pm - Current est.


    Cold weather now.

    Warm weather in Dec. as it relates to GDP spike.

    Gold going up never good...
  4. the fixed income market. As usual, it's not what most people think and rather subtle... However, when these instruments do move, they affect all FUTURES markets as well as their underlying CASH and/or COMMIDITY... The way in which they are effected is also explicit.
  5. If by fixed income you mean bonds. I think fund flow is heading that way despite the fact that yields need to rise....
  6. S2007S


    the sox is DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they arent leading anything.
  7. I dont see how anything can lead the market consistently. Who can predict what a few million maniacs are going to do on any given day?
  8. I don't like to use the word lead even though I did use it in replying back to the thread starter use of the word.

    To lead implies to many that someone is trying to find something that tells them what something else will do.

    Instead, I prefer to understand why the Emini Futures did what they did so that the next time when similar like trading conditions appear...

    I'll be better prepare to exploit the price action.


  9. FuTuRez


    Thanks everyone for chiming in. I'm honored...

    So the movement of a major sector or sectors, moves 'FUTURES markets as well as their underlying CASH and/or COMMIDITY'. It seems "moody" based on the perception of a 'few million maniacs'.

    NihabaAshi - Can you bring me up to speed with the Eurex correlation? This?...http://www.eurexchange.com/index.html
    How do you think Oil played into the Emini futures movement?

    makosgu - Did you monitor and sense a change in real time? As in movement today? Or?... Care to explain in more detail?

    S2007S & Bearbelly- Do you monitor for clues outside of your preferred vehicles?


  10. hels02


    The GROW I picked up last week, TIE that I just sit on, and RMBS that I bought today for too much $$ are leading the market.

    I bought it at $45 and nearly sold it when it fell to $43+ (I don't use stops).

    Then I decided to ignore it... I have not seen a $40 stock make a $8 move in 2 days since 1999, and I caught every penny. When TIE did it too today in the same account, my jaw was somewhere near my knees by closing. Then I bought RMBS and lost $.10. LOL!

    I thought I did great the last few months, these 2 days were... unreal. I'm still pinching myself. Maybe I'll buy a bigger boat, even if I don't use the one I already have. This cannot keep up, I'll die of a heart attack.
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