Whats keeping the dow above 10,000 (apart from the plunge protection team)??

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  1. Anyone with half a brain knows that the plunge protection team & ecb have been very very active in the markets over the last few weeks in directly buying futures, bonds and shorting the vix to prevent mass market meltdown in the runup to all the giant catastrophe risks that were mere days away like the greek elections... ect

    (A crappy little bank in usa called lehmans admitting they were too idiotic to be profitable traders and so were closing caused 800+ points crash in dow and made Vix rocket upto 90,
    therefore there mere risk of an entire continent falling apart and going into financial meltdown with collapse would make lehmans look like nothing worth even mentioning ever again!)

    Yet there has been no panic, no frequent 300point intraday crashes, Vix cant even break above 25!! :eek: :confused:

    But so apart from the plunge protection team and ecb what else does everyone think is keeping the market from being allowed to crash??
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  4. Do people with "half a brain" typically fight against forces like those two? I'm sure the supports will eventually fall out of the house, but might as well go with the flow while it's there.
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  6. I would wager that many traders and investors don't even know what the plunge protection team is.
  7. The same thing that keeps people trading the market as if the movement were simply based on the global perception of the apparent macro fundamentals (brought to you by the media, in over-simplistic, advertising centric color) and how that will play out in the crystal ball future.
  8. Why do you need another reason besides what you already mentioned?

  10. At a guess, an abundance of folks betting that it will, for starters.
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