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  1. How much would you pay for a TS strategy that has AVERAGED over 4 points a day profit (after commissions) on the ES over the last 5 months, both in back testing and FORWARD testing?
    just curious.

    BTW....in the last 2 weeks of forward testing has exceeded that standard.... substantially, today... 5.125 points after commission.


    (btw.. this was posted in futures trading thread also.)
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    It seems to me that the information provided is insufficient to evaluate a system. What does the monte-carlo distribution look like, what's the average risk, what's the average reward. How do the rewards break down in terms of min-max (how are they distributed) same for losses? What percentage of trades win? How long was the in-sample period? How long was the out of sample period? Why is the forward test period so small? Lot's of questions to answer before someone could begin to come up with value. Since the time frame is not one I trade, the value _to me_ would be 0, irrespective of the answers to these questions, but these questions really need to be answered to get a good idea of performance in the future.

    As always, just my $0.02
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  4. Can I get it on CD at the $.99 store? I would rather save the trip to the store and pay by PayPal if you can deliver the code to my mail box electronically.
  5. Well, I'd have to say, If you have nothing to say... you might as well post it under a new name {1}. Considering the useless drivel you posted under your "regular" name, I'm not suprised.
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  6. bruto... like the commercial... it's priceless, the holy grail, and a gold mine all wrapped into one.
  7. bruto... like the commercial... it's priceless, the holy grail, and a gold mine all wrapped into one.
  8. No, I can assure that the CD that you have it on is worth more than your system. Remember, when you finally let your pumped up Ego return to your empty brain ramblings, that Ego is missing one letter - "e"...O gee...I didn't know that TS had THOSE limitations on my optimized piece of 5 month...
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    Not every new member to ET is a duplicate account. I was merely asking the questions i'd want answers to if I were to pay for a system, at a minimum. The information you provided was an okay start, but in terms of evaluating a system, I just don't think it's sufficient.

    A monte-carlo distribution of the system is generally something that's quite useful when you are evaluating your system. To do this, it's handy to have some idea of the distribution of the profits and losses, as well as the ratio of profits to loss.

    Generally speaking, if you have a robust system, you're probably best off trading it as a fund, rather than selling it. It may or may not be in your best interests to trade it yourself and not open it to public money, depending on the circumstances.

    This all makes the assumption that everything you have said can be taken at face value. Evaluate this as you will...
  10. Nothing as yet.

    Data is insufficient.
    Did this system make equal amts of money on the long and short side?
    We have been in a consistent bull market. How will this perform in a lateral market? In a bear market?

    Before you offer this system as the holy grail, you must demonstrate that this system is robust.

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