What's in store for whites?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by alientrader, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. maybe white women will start throwing themselves at any kind of black man.

    apaprently Erin burnett used to hook up with loads of black dudes in college.
  2. Once you go black,you never go back:eek:
  3. Where do you get this info?
  4. Your post screams insecurity

    If you were confident in yourself as a man you wouldn't be worried about that
  5. hahahahahahahahahahaha
    it was amazing to watch in this forum how insecure Whites started acting insecure like "Blacks
    "....angry & scared and blaming their own shortcomings on someone else.

    I wouldn't want to be Joe the plumber this morning, what a stupid fuck
  6. Joe, symbol of McCain's bad judgment, got busted the other day for speeding, tried to vote illegally in the wrong precinct, gave up the C&W career, and decided instead to write a book-once he learns to read and write.

    A new day dawned today over the World.


  7. Of the 300 million population in the USA there are just over 40 million blacks,approximately 15 million black males.Of these,40% are married,1 in 9 is in prison and the rest probably prefer black women anyway.

    At the last count there were only 286,000 marriages between black men and white women in the whole of America,with 117,000 black women opting for a white husband.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. haha,he's off mending a cracked pipe while his teenage daughter is probably laying black pipe:eek: