~~Whats in store for us this week?~~

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  1. whats in store?

    1)closure of the US financial markets
    2)repeal of the Bailout and a strong Rally
    3)resignation/imprisonment of Paulson and Kashkari
    4)continued freefall toward Zero
    5)failure of MS
    6)all of the above
    7)none of the above

    8)(fill in your answer)
  2. 8) 4 and 5 only.
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    Praying that they do not shut trading. If these recapitalzation plans plans are going ahead I would say we go higher even with the posiblity of some major dillution at some banks. Thinking that the market ex-finacials will out-weigh the potential downside in that sector. However I must say that I thought we would end higher last week after global intervention but this never happened. Still in one day at a time mode with a long bias and positions. So I choose #7 and my 8 is above.
  4. strong up week.
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    I don't know what's going on. Granted this is the first "crisis" that I have really lived through while actively trading, but I watch Bloomberg and it's all doom and gloom. On ET, it's all doom and gloom. They even have CNBC on the big screen at the bars.

    But when I actually talk to people about it, everyone is ridiculously bullish. Literally the only one i personally know who is worried about the economy besides me is my mother. Now i'm starting to think that i have just been watching too much Bloomberg and reading too much shit on this site. Everyone at work talks about how they just upped their 401k contribution percentage from 2% to 8%.

    I was helping a customer today where i work and of course the economy came up in small talk. He said in 6 months, no one will even remember whats currently happening.

    A part of me just thinks, 'wow, these people don't have a clue.' But then again, could we all be making this out to be worse than it really is? I guess only time will tell.
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    It is a bit of both, things are really bad but for long term investments now is a good time look at making purchases. I do not think things will turn around very quickly here with out massive inflation which may or may not occur.
  8. Agreed. I think major inflation issues will define monetary policy in the years to come and this crisis and gov intervention will be the catalyst for it. Inflation related stuff like commodities ie gold, silver, oil and food stuff will probably all be much higher in a few years from now but time will tell. Problem with people being bullish now is that they think this will all pass sooner than later and that everything will be back to normal. Problem is that we as a world have never been here before. This is a systemic collapse of the global financial system unfolding before our eyes and it's very possible that the financial world will look extremely different on the other side of this storm. More so than people could imagine. In other words this is a global financial crisis of epic proportions and for all we know it could only be getting started. A global recession takes 16 months on average... a global depression?
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