What's ideal required net Speed and PC Specs for Tradestation v.10 to scan & screening

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  1. Hi,

    Good day all. I understand Tradestation is a resource heavy trading application, but i really like to use it as it's very clean Interface and nice Features.

    I'm not trading now, so my desktop is just Core i7, 8GB ram, intel HD graphic 4600 and 22nm, 500GB HD. My internet download speed is very basic at12 Mbps. Thinking of upgrading to download speed of 250 Mbps which cost $112USD a month.

    My Tradestation hangs, screen freeze and sometimes scan takes very long time. Usually my scan doesn't have more than 5 fields and Just one Easylanguage study in there using daily interval.

    I would like to know what is ideal configuration and internet speed needed that Hardcore Tradestation user have with least limitation possible to allow maxim symbols in Radarscreen for real time intra-day screening, lets say strategy having of multi-time frames 5min, 60min and 1 day interval at same time for each symbol for 100 stocks or more at a time?
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    Your really should ask Tradestation support. Increasing bandwidth does not guarantee that a latency issue will be fixed.
  3. :rolleyes: "Clean interface and nice features". Well, I suppose that's one way to describe it. Another way might be "utterly incompetent UI design that was outdated in the 1980s, labyrinthine complexity, and software quality expected of the lowest bidder in the '$5-and-below' category." :vomit: I say this as a professional programmer with 40+ years of experience in the industry...

    But then, I've only been using it and OptionStation Pro for a year. Give me a bit more time, and I'm sure I'll find MANY more problems.

    TIP: It's not your configuration or internet speed. I've used TS on a laptop, a rather high-end server, and a fairly resource-heavy AWS instance, and it Sucked Major Donkey Ass in each of those. If you haven't yet run into a freeze-up that requires deleting your entire configuration and rebuilding everything from scratch - you will.

    The nearest garbage can should be sufficient.

    (OBTW: Their trade desk and tech support are both awful, too. I've reached the end of my tolerance with them, and will be switching to another broker in the very near future.)
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  4. It does .... It was clearly stated on tradestation educational video, that you need a faster internet, to pull date to scanners faster. Since internet isn't so cheap here, i rather spend whatever amount $ needed only.

    However i will ask same question on TS forum too.
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  5. Sorry for bad experience you had with them. Mine has been positive for platform & customer service so far. Seemingly shortcoming of the platform is on my end
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    I've been using them more than 20 years now and never have charts hang, other than the rare times my ISP has issues. And that is counting news related craziness events (if you don't count microsecond stutters).

    But then again I don't use RadarScreen and I don't load yuuge amounts of charts (especially of the low tick or nonsense seconds charts) and I don't load yuuge numbers of indicators.

    Simple is (always) best.
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  7. I'm in a Telegram group with ~40 other traders; all of us started out using TS. We've been sharing problems/fixes from the start, and most have already switched away from it. My experience with TS, both the technical and the human side, is anything but unique.
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    Oh snap, BWS just gave Tradestation the beatdown.

  9. I have been using Core i7 with 8GB Ram and have the internet speed of 50Mbps and for me Tradestation is working fine. I guess for the systems with better configurations too, the working of Tradestation will keep on improving.
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  10. For anyone wanting a demo of just how laughably bad TS software quality is, try this:

    1) Copy the symbol for any multi-leg options strategy from Trade Manager.
    2) In the Trade Bar options tab, paste it into the "Symbol" field and click the 'OCO/OSO' button (this is how you put in a normal OCO close order for a trade.)

    TS will immediately lock up (tested on both a Windows machine with 64GB of memory and a high-end Mac.) Note that if you have OptionStation Pro open, this may destroy your OSP configuration - which means that OSP won't come up until you've done a full TS restore, or at least deleted the config directory.

    There are LOTS of bugs like that. And this is version 10, which is the least buggy one.

    P.S. Oh, yeah: despite the insane complexity of the Trade Bar, with all its hundreds of OCO/OSO/custom/spread/etc. options, there's no way to set up a stop/target order for a multi-leg strategy (say, an Iron Condor). It's got thousands of cute little "features", but it's missing lots of basic functionality...
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