Whats hot in Finance?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have 3 career related questions:

    1. I 've been trading for about a year now and although I have been fairly successful, I feel that this job is extremely stressful.
    I'm giving it everything I got to make it, but if I don't, I need to have a back up plan to fall back on. I have a BBA in Finance and I was just wondering what is the hottest job in finance that does NOT involve advanced math?

    2. I hate math, but I love to work with people. Someone suggested that since i have a series 7 already, I should go to training as a Financial Advisor. But I am not gonna choose a career just because I have the license it requires. I am trying to get a glimpse of a day in the life of a financial advisor. The most important question is: How hard is it to find clients? I know that when you start, it will be tough, but once you have a client base, how's life? Is anyone here a Financial Advisor? Or can anyone describe what a Financial Advisors' career is like?

    3. I read on some magazine that a Financial Advisor job is the 3rd best job in the U.S.... Is this true??

    Your answers would help me a lot. Thanks.
  2. A financial advisor is just a fancy salesman, I would not think that would be something you were interested in with a BBA in Finance. FAs are like real estate brokers, they keep growing in numbers as more and more people enter the market.
  3. The most stable job:

    Fund(Operation) Administrator.
    Back Office Accountant.

    Most hot:

  4. Thanks a lot options and ts. Wow, Back office accountant is that stable? Damn, I just turned down an interview offer today for a similar position in the operations section of a major bank...I asked the guy if there will be room for advancement and he said "You can only advance in operations". And I thought operations was a lowly section in a bank...
  5. As you have thought, it's all the itsy-bitsy ground work stuff. There's no glamour or hotness in it but all the fund traders I know appreciates their work.

    After you learn the whole nine yards and get connected with the top Inst. Bank, it's an easy 6 digit income, and they sure deserve it.
  6. dinoman


    No thats a Financial Planner, which you need your CFP certification. Financial Advisers is a flipping joke. One can get that job with a G.E.D.

    Try to find a part-time job that you would love to do. (most likely won't pay much or it could). Its a good equalizer to the stress of trading.


    Good luck
  7. what are the most lucrative jobs in finance and how does the economy effect the salaries?

  8. Does anyone have a chart of the year over year Wall street bonuses going back 50 years or so?

    I couldnt find anything for more than a couple years.
  9. Dinoman, I thought financial advisor and planner were the same... Whats the difference besides the cfp? I mean, is Financial planner better salary-wise?

    Wow, I'm definately dropping financial advisor off the list..Sounds pretty bad...

    How about Forensic accounting? I was thinking If I can get into forensic accounting than after a couple of years, I can join the FBI white collar crimes division where they value accounting skills.. Any idea on this?

    I've always wanted to work for the fbi, even though I may not get a big pay check..
  10. Been seraching for 30 minutes..Can't find anything on that:(
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