What's HOT! for 2009 anything?

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    Tech looks dead, oil is near a bottom,

    What will be in play for 09

    any thoughts?
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    Perhaps (this) which is available at Interactive Brokers, Tradestation, and many other small-account, retail oriented operations. Recent chart below.


    you can download the image by right clicking:
  4. What's HOT! for 2009???

    "Stay SHORT and stay OFTEN!!!" :eek:
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    Nothing in the long term is hot right now, especially with a new (which direction are they pointing the economy) administration, and dead GDP. The only ppl who are going to make plenty of $$ are the scalp and short term swing traders. :cool: :D
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    After the Paris Hilton, comes the Tokyo Four Seasons...
  7. Made me laugh....but not so funny
  8. 2009!

    AMZN, bought and gona buy every dip for the next month.

    Oil and any Hard Asset.

    Cash is king, learned of a Bank in NYC that allows you to have your account (Cash) tied to a basket of currencies. Been with them for the last year and a Half. You also have a debit card if you need to get to the cash, the conversion fee's are charged everytime you withdraw cash...but its well worth it.
  9. I think now might be the pivot in which case anything you can buy will go up by at least 30-40% or in multiples.

    However, if now isnt the pivot then you can lose it all.

    Im waiting for a sign. Its not best to front-run the market blind.
  10. defense stocks; consumer staples and health cares, plus arms dealers. Bullets and missiles will fly in next year.

    Constructions companies later.
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