What's happening after-hours? 3/31

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heech, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. heech


    Strange behavior after hours.

    NQ has spiked twice in the last 30 minutes... first time up 10 pts to 2348. Settled back down to 2342, and then again up to 2346. ES moved up a little, but not the same type of spikes.

    What's strange is that crude is spiking... big time. And usually that's bearish for equities.

    Anyone know if something else is out there right now behind the move? Currencies?

    ... nothing happening in gold.
  2. pma


    :confused: for me too.
  3. This has not been true the last few years.. trade what you see not what you think. Sounds to me like you are trying to justify shorting equities.
  4. heech


    Uh, no. My trading strategy is completely price agnostic.

    I'm talking about the very clear correlation between equities/crude that has existed over the last 6 weeks, as crude spiked above $100. (Not including the earthquake week.)
  5. Ok cool sorry about that- I thought you sounded like another permabear :D

    Personally I don't see much of the correlation you are talking about.

  6. "it's a bull market"
  7. it's the end of the quarter
  8. Lot of strange spikes happening past couple weeks after hours...

    Maybe bots jamming a large order through, cascading orders up and peeling there positions off..

    Doubt anyone would cause a spike like that by accident getting out of a short position, knowing liquidity is week after hours...

    Or get into a large position in that fashion knowing price will move against you..
  9. CET


    Someone probably got their hands on the employment numbers that will be released tomorrow for the U.S.
  10. NoDoji


    Not too strange. Crude closed almost at its high today and was so close to its last major pivot high high deep into the leg of a technically perfect uptrend, that the high becomes like a magnet for price. 107.08 was a key level for counter-trend traders to place stops. So all it took to trigger the trend-following bots' buy stops and the counter-trend shorts' protective buy stops into market orders was for one trader to hit an offer @ 107.09.
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