What's Going To Save The Euro?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sKaLpZ, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Long speculators doing a hairy scale in?
  2. Investors realizing that, while the euro is a sure no-bet, the USD is no better, so there's no where to go so, go with the risk and buy continue to buy euro at some point, effectively staunching the fall?
  3. I really missed the good old DEM, so I hope they just dissolve the EMU and get back to square one.
    On a serious tone only a terorist attack on US soil can save the Euro at the moment.
    Technicals do not look good for now..
  4. Truff


    Weren't you looking for some support around this level? Going long at all for a bounce?
  5. No, that was MP$, I think.

    I closed out all my euro longs. I only have euro shorts.

    btw, where is MP$?
  6. I don't even think a bomb giong off in the USA could save the euro at this point.

    I mean, give me one good reason to buy the euro.


    I never trade panic. But I see 20 big numbers coming up.
  7. dally25


    I still believe that euro will rise again! It always happens when people start to lose confidence in euro.

    I think some bad US economic data will reverse the tide
  8. Hopefully the Euro will....DISAPPEAR.....

    The EURO concept is a farse....

    Each country should naturally be on its own...

    Throwing blankets over problems does not solve them...

    Those that are finding out fast...


    And the list will get longer..fast.....
  9. MP$ is thinking retirement :)

    Just went i bust my acocunt, the bounce back will happen! It's a classic!