What's going to happen with CME's Electronic Corporate Membership?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Jachyra, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Jachyra


    Does anyone know or have an opinion on what the CME is most likely going to do with these 106.R Memberships come December 2006? I keep thinking they're going to extend it again, but thats not based on anything except wishful thinking.
  2. HLB


    Anybody knows the answer?
  3. lwlee


    Is ECM an advantage if you're a individual trader? In order to qualify, you need to incorporate which means you get tagged as a pro. Professionals pay much higher data fees. It seems to negate the cost savings when you join the ECM. You have to overcome the yearly fee and the data fees. Hyperactive traders will benefit but what about someone who only does 3-8 trades a day?

    But I understand there is a fairly good chance it will be renewed since it's been extended in the past.
  4. HLB


    I already have a corporate account, so I already labeled as a "pro". As I understand ECM 106.R program is until December 2006 and it costs $1000 or $1500. Not sure if I want to join just for 4 months...
  5. lwlee


    I wouldn't join until it's been extended AND I knew there was a cost savings.
  6. if they make the ECM 106.R program permanent why should anyone pay to own/ lease a CME seat ???
  7. thanks scalper !!
  8. Is there any new info on whether the ECM will be extended? Also curious to know whether you can set up an LLC and still take advantage of the blended tax rate afforded by futures?
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