what's going on with RIMM?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by dtrader30, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Market is up and the stock keep selling and turning negative very fast, that's been happening in the past 3 days at least. Somebody must be unloading a lot of shares.
  2. The news/rumors that AAPL's iphone is coming to China very soon is spooking those who counted on RIMM to have first dibs on this lucrative market. And remember, this stock has more than tripled this year, greatly outperforming AAPL. So any perception of a competitive advantage to AAPL is going to be a hit to RIMM.
  3. Just after I posted the above, a news report comes out saying China Mobile has exclusive rights to sell the Blackberry in China and that an order for 10,000 handsets has already been received. That explains the pop. These stocks are very
    "Sino-Sensitive" right now.

    Hope you have Briefing.com or some other news source to keep you abreast of these reports.
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    RIMM is tired, the stock had its ultimate run, these stocks do stall sometimes, look at DELL, MSFT, YHOO. AAPL and GOOG are another 2 that need a rest. These stocks cannot go up over 100% a year without seeing some kind of 25-50% pullback
  5. RIMM has been manipulated for the past 3 years. Looks like the players have decided to move on...