whats going on with my verenium stock?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by anonymousadrian, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. i bought 370 share of VRNM at 1.10 back in Feb.

    i just checked my scottrade account and i dont have a price for my position on vrnm.. it says N/A

    now vrnm changed to vrnmd which is now trading around 7 dollars.
    yesterday the 1:12 reverse stock split took effect.

    can someone explain what is going on?!
  2. joe4422


    You should call Scottrade. Is this in an IRA? They may have screwed you out of your money.
  3. ok so now i do have a position for vrnmd for 30 share at 7.35.

    i understand the reverse stock split which is why i now have 30shares from 370 shares.

    which equals balances out from the old position i had
    370 share X .60=222
    with the new
    30 share X 7.36= 220

    Verenium also plans to change the name back to vrnm in october.

    is there any strategy to profit from this stock? should i cash out? what are they trying to do?