What's going on with IB today?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by QdzResurrection, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Could not log in. Kept getting logged out! Whenever the market moves, you IB hanged me up. What on earth had happened. Still cannot login. Are my positions and cashes still there?

    What an odd day? IB, you got to improve consistently.

  2. It sucked big time today. I have SOHU Call options when it poped up more than $1 this morning. By the time I logged in, it's all gone. Then I got the missing execution report from IB that bookd me a long position on YM at 10045 after the mkt has closed below 9999 due to TWS's bug.
  3. I hate to complain but.... Has anyone else noticed alot of weird things happening in this last month. I've been with IB for over 2 years & I can't remember having this many software/connection problems. Maybe it's just because I trade more often now & notice more problems. But today really pissed me off. In the morning I sold some QQQ calls that I had held over the weekend (& totally lucked out on). Doing great, life is good, going to retire. OH, but wait those QQQ calls you just bought again for a quick scalp, you can't sell because they are not available for trading. Great day turned into a break even day & I have to come out of retirement. It was nice being retired for about 5 minutes. Looking back I could have hedged with NQ, but no, I didn't want to lock in that small loss at the time. Live & Learn.
  4. Today it is okay. But yesterday was horrible. IB any explanation? We demand it.