What's going on with IB paper trading ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by tommaso, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. tommaso


    Lately I have been having several problems with paper trading account.

    Today does not work at all. Does not sell or buy anything.

    In the past days I have noticed the same problems but on an occasional basis. Further it would usually not work during
    the first 15 minutes?

    Is anybody experiencing similar problems?

    I have developed a full automated trading software but so far I cannot really say I have just 1 completely good chance to really test it withoust seeing some problem outside of my application.

    I am in dismay. What can I do?

  2. Try the following, double click on TWS ickon to get Login screen tab. Click n "Browse"
    In File name change "C:\Jts" to "C:\Jts2"

    Click "Ok"

    Now type in your Paper Trade User name and password, and login.

    It should work now.

    I got these instructions from API help desk, and my Excel APi started working, when it had not been working before
  3. tommaso


    Thank you very much.

    I did that. It caused a full reset of the configuration.

    I enabled again the activeX and the trusted IP (my application is a .NET automated trader).

    But still the problem remains. Orders are not executed.

    Not even mkt orders entered manually are executed.

    I cannot neither sell or buy anything right now.


  4. Sorry, I am at a loss. I suggest you chat to the guys at the API help desk, online chat.
  5. tommaso


    Yes thanks.

    I am at a loss too.

    And frankly I also got tired to struggle. I have been coding for more than 6 months. And had to fight all the time with exogenous factors, in addition to the code challenges.

    To many things to fight agains: the asynchronous events, the code, the market, the people who hear but never listen...

    I will probably give it up or, better, share my application so that perhaps someone else will have the enthusiasm to tune and find the best strategy parameters.


    btw let me know if someone interested ...

  6. maxpi


    I dont' think you can do much with the sim account other than check out your code....
  7. That depends. Is this Alex or Cajun from PureSlick??
  8. kubilai


    I feel your pain. Had some major code changes and was hoping to test it today too but the paper account was not working. Same problem. I've had my code running against a paper account for more than a year now. It generally works great, except in the last month there were a few days where no orders execute. Keep at it! I can tell you the live account works very well :)
  9. tommaso


    Thanks kubilai for confirming I am not a visionary,

    I just want to spend however 2 words for the nice comments above suggesting my code has bugs.

    First of all that cannot be the reason as the program was working perfectly and beautifully (and some screenshots showing nice paper profits I have posted before are an indication).

    Second, you may not be aware I have written some millions code lines and thousands classes in my (not short) life and I can assure you I am just able to tell when it's my fault and when it's not.

    I find this kind of attitude in the same line of the people I mentioned before, who kindly, promptly and nicely hear but do not actually listen.

    I prefer a person who perhaps is rude but actually aknowledge the *substance* of something I am suggesting, instead of someone who is superficially very kind but, then, in the essence, disregards completely the others' opinion and advice.

    For the other posting mentioning two names, I can only guess what's being implicated. And it's just the same thing as above:
    "we are already perfect and we do no need any improvement.
    Please tell us how we can improve, we are doing anyway our way! (which is perfect if your name is Frank!)"

    I have leaded major software projects and I know the pain of making major architectural changes. However working with software is like that. Thinking your architecture and you code is perfect and not listening your users will have consequences in the long run.