What's going on with eSignal lately?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 50 cent, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I am having numerous problems with the eSignal data feed lately!

    - At the time of writing my data feed stopped working and says "unable to connect to remote server". My IB quotes are working fine.

    - Yesterday I had a day missing on stocks! Jan 13 simply did not appear on the charts.
    - Yesterday the 24 hours eminis charts had missing hours on them, and the problem resolved only later during the day (I tried reloading again and again and it didn't help).
    - A few days ago there were mad bad ticks for like 5 minutes on the NQ and ES.
    - The 10min charts on ES and NQ only extends to the beginning of January.

    I had no issues up to the past few days but lately the whole thing became a mess!

    Anybody else had this problem? Any comments from eSignal rep.? I emailed support and got no replies.

  2. I can't get charts, and data feed is jumpy
  3. LiveRep has 83 people in queue... I hope they restore their reliability, everything was great before 2004 started...
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    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    We did have some server connectivity issues in our Hayward server farm, but this issue has been resolved. We'll post an update to this announcement as soon as we have a detailed description of the cause of the problem.
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    It seems its the same all over the world - I am in Thailand and having similar issues starting 2004 with local Thai data providers -missing data , freezing quotes etc. Broker servers going down............
  6. Could be a victim of their own success like other datafeeds have been. They hype it and their volume shoots up and what used to work starts breaking down or overloading and then it starts snowballing. Then they start with patches and quick fixes but some of those break or break other things.

    It's not just datafeeds this happens too - I've seen literally dozens of companies (that should have known better) build and deploy commercial systems that worked fine in testing and under moderate "launch" loads and then cratered big time when the load ramped up and/or the techs started trying to tweak it. Then they're scrambling or eventually have to get someone to come in and help them completely overhaul it to do what should have been done from the start. Just not enough developers and designers with realworld, practical enterprise scale experience.