What's going on with AutoTrder?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sharp, Mar 6, 2004.

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    I tried to open my AutoTrader on Friday and I was informed that my version was expired and that I need to download the new version. Now, AutoTrader's website isn't working. I had to use Bracket Trader on Friday; it lost one of my trades and showed me flat when I really was short some S&P contracts. I lost some money but that's okay, I just want to get AutoTrader back. Does anyone know what happened? Did they change websites?
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  4. Well, BT lost your trade? You are responsible for all your trades no matter what trading platform you are using and you should always keep your TWS open and monitor it closely. If you were not doing this with AT then take this as a valuable lesson as AT may fail you as well. Anyway, I thought that BT was more reliable, but what do I know... Incidentally, I found AT less reliable than BT, but that's another story...
  5. electron is 100% correct. It is absolutely necessary to keep TWS window open to verify all AT or BT orders have been transmitted properly.