whats going on in FL ?

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  1. ok ... I am not looking to move there right now

    but am curious what firms and individual posters on ET have been affected and are still not with power to trade this week because of "Wilma " ?

    I assume the smart money traders have
    backup plans in place ...

    good luck to you guys down there !

  2. I live roughly an hour north of Miami. My office has power, my home does not (yet). Wilma came through on the 24th, FPL won't restore electricity until Nov 22 in our area!! Needless to say, I lost hundreds of dollars in spoiled food, have to sit at home with candles at night and be in by the 9pm curfew (or get arrested). Tons of large trees were knocked down, windows blown out, stop signs ripped out of the ground, all the water in our pool was blown out. It was actually pretty cool to watch (I live on the intercoastal), knowing I wouldn't get hurt. But having no power really sucks!
  3. where's your generator?
  4. Power just came back on today at home, don't need one!
    Next time though, I'm catching a plane to NYC!
  5. domi93


    my roof just went down (new home)
    now im in a fight with my insurance company, femma want to give me a check under their "conditions" (i dont want govermment money)
    everything is close after 8 pm by law (its ok)

    4-5 hours to get gas
    supermakerts without ice or meats

    no trading, etc etc...

    after that, this is a great state really really great state.
    lot of beatiful womens, lot of pubs
    great night life, great beaches, lot of celebrities
    cheap cities, great living standart... nice peoples
    great outdoors, great fishing etc etc etc

    I trade for a small retail equities group (ETFs)
    in coral gables right now and we just lost our office (power windowns,phone line)..
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    oct 29 7:58 am.....IM back ... here is to generators, heini's, soy milk and knowing the right mo-fucks at the gas station.....peace

    Ill tell you this much...Thank GOD that it came from the gulf side and not dead on from the atlantic side...
  7. Curfew lifted, power back on, and most of the business are up and running again around here again. It's getting back to normal.
  8. i run the Assent office on the beach

    i was up and running the next day..we have a point to point with NYC for our lines and internet

    i did miss monday thought (that sucked!!)

    everyones welcome to drop by

  9. Gee, thanks a lot.
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    i read a theory that may prove me wrong on my call....since it came from the west ( gulf coast ) it may have made more damage than if it came from the east ( atlantic ) due to the breaking up of winds over uneven terrain like towns , trees and cities...unlike a smooth wind blowing over the ocean water... also they are studying why FPL concrete poles which are built to withstand 150 mile an hour winds broke like twigs up and down alligator alley...they say that the constant change in wind speed from fast to lulls may have caused that and wind speed may not play such a big role...they are also studying a phenomenon called "windburts" burts of winds that can reach speeds up to 175-200 mph for a couple of seconds...i believe i felt that while in my house during wilma...i may have felt like 2 of those...when i thought my house was going to fly away...i didn't understand why that happened until i read the report in the miami herald...i mean it was only a class 1 according to scientist...yet all the buildings in the downtown area from miami to west palm beach had lots of windows blown away...we are talking about hurricane proof windows...weird...
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