Whats going on at IDEALPRO ????

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by JLarsen, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. JLarsen



    IBs IDEALPRO platform seems to be completely corrupted.

    Quotes are jumping up / down at starnge level,
    you cannot place an order or get a fill.

    Support / Account Managemant 'down for maintanance' ????

    There seems to be really serious problems.

    Does anybody know whats going on ????

  2. Lucrum


    I called CS. It took them a minute to believe me when I told them the bid/ask on EUR/USD was all over the place. But they ultimately admitted they were having "issues".

    edit: I should have mentioned it seems to be fixed now.
  3. JLarsen


    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I recognized it seems to work again.
    I took almost an hour the fix it. Not good.

    Anyway, I closed al positions an stay out of the game for this night, safety first.

  4. I have a question for people who trade forex with IB...How long does a market order take? I find with Oanda, its less then a second, but some people told me IB takes over 5 seconds? Is he full of it?

  5. Lucrum


    Couldn't help you there, I ALWAYS use limit orders. Except for stops.
  6. JLarsen


    I trade about 3000 Lots on IDEALPRO each month with
    an automatic trading systeme which sends limit as well as marketorders.
    Overall I am very happy with the plattform which gives me fantastic profits.

    MarketOrder usually go through within a second.

    Anyway, in most cases for safety reason I send BUY LMT order at
    current Ask price and Sell LMT at bid (sometime with 1 pip tolarance, to make sure to get a fill).
    Also this order go through in 1 second in 95% of all cases.

    Concerning Oanda, placing manual order is fast, but placing multiple Orders by API is dammed slow.
    It seems, that they really don't want
    people trading fast systems through their API.
    It take about 5 seconds for each API order to place.

    With IDEALPRO I send 10 orders within a second!

  7. Thank you for the reply bud,
  8. Joerg,
    sounds like you are someone I want to talk to.. how do your stops get filled? I found that I get a lot of slippage with stops (even when the market is moving slow) and am considering sending limit orders at market (automated) when a trigger price is reached.

    since you have experience with IdealPro, would you care to comment on this approach?
  9. ddunbar

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    I know this isn't directed at me but I noticed slippage on stops in the range of 0 to as much as 3 pips. With an average 2 pip, slip. You have to be careful with limits. Sometimes you might not get a fill and things can get a lot worse.

    I used to do Stop Limit as a stop loss, making the difference between the stop and limit 2 pips. I haven't had a problem with that method. But on entry using the same method, there were a few times I didn't get a fill. Order just went green and the market sailed away. But I'm figuring if I had a problem on entry using a stop limit, I will eventually have a problem using it as a stop loss. At least with the stop, when I'm wrong, I know I will be out.

    I look at it as 2 pip slip is better than 40 pip failed to execute.
  10. 2 pip slip on every order is HUGE. I doubt the even say I Love You first.
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