Whats difference between Edga and edgx?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nofear777, May 20, 2010.

  1. Really would appreciate a clarification.

    Is edga the cheapest exchange to hit if you are taking away liquidity (in terms of fees)

    And how stable is it? Sometimes these flimsy ecns dont work. Just wondering if I can put bids/offers on edga and they get filled ?

    I dont mind paying the .0002 cents to make a market (rofl).

    Just wondering why you dont see these guys compete much with the inside bids and offers.
  2. IceTea92


    you can never find liquidity to remove on EDGA so forget about getting the rebate

    edgx is the best ecn on the market with its price structure
    with the .0029/.0029, its better than BATS now

    never use NSDQ/ARCA unless you are trading before 8AM
  3. First, thanks for your response.

    Im not worried about taking liquidity with Edga. I just want to use it to create liquidity. I dont mind paying that tiny fee either. As long as people hit me first baby :)

    But im sure a god*(amn fuc*(kng program will front run me so it doesnt really matter does it. (heheh)

    Im mainly interested in the stability of these ecns, are they instant fills etc.
  4. IceTea92


    why in the world would you want to create liquidity with EDGA
    its the only platform that doesnt pay you to do so

    EDGX pays u $2.90 / 1000 shares

    the best in the business
  5. The plan is to get better fills.

    Not sure how that will work out tho.

    Im trying to curb my appetite for TAKING liquidity. Ill ve saving .028 cents a share in most cases.
  6. Hmm every once in a while Im getting a message "no snet server available".

    You guys know what this means. How the hell do I put a bid on top of a offer with this thing.

    I cant have "no snet available "messages. Thats what I was asking. How dependable is it? 9 out of 10 is not good enough.
  7. IceTea92


    i dont think that has anything to do with edgx/edga

    what platform do u trade with?