whats cheaper realtick or esignal

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  1. anyone here no the true cost with exchange fee's?
  2. Go for Esignal package it costs you 99-104$ and exchange
    fees are same with every charting vendor.

    Realtick is much more expensive and data feed lages or
    freezes during market busy or heavy trading

    Esignal has lot of support and access to mant more world
    wide market, 3rd part feed support and many broker trading

    Btw do your own search from right corner of ET page on
    RT and esignal and you should find plenty of answers
  3. Catoosa


    I like the full feature user customization of RealTick. I have been using RealTick for several years and almost never have any problems of any kind. It has been fast and reliable and I would not trade without RealTick. RealTick is $250 per/mo for the full version.
  4. Catoosa,

    Can you tell me why almost 90% traders with review on
    Realtick since last 1.5 years complaining for troubled real
    time data? Does it mean they are saying somthing out of

    Are you scalper or breakout trader, then your statments
    If you are taking two or three trades a day, or swing
    trading, then you won't have problem using realtick.
  5. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    This really isn't true. Many services have implemented their own surcharge on top of exchange fees. These surcharges are in addition to the package/regional surcharges. Companies that do this include Esignal, Qcharts and a few others. Not sure about Real Tick.

    For Example:

    Exchange Service Exchange Fee
    CME Esignal $33
    CME Qcharts $33
    CME DTN.IQ $30
    CBOT Esignal $38
    CBOT Qchart $38
    CBOT DTN.IQ $35
    LME Esignal $95
    LME DTN.IQ $85
    Eurex Esignal $9 - going to $12
    Eurex DTN.IQ $8
    Each US Equity Exchange Esignal $1
    Each US Equity Exchange Qcharts $2
    Each US Equity Exchange DTN.IQ $1

  6. Catoosa


    Since RealTick cost 2 1/2 times Esignal, I would think there would be many times the number of users of Esignal. These Esignal users like there Esignal or they would not be using it. But, that does not mean these users would not like RealTick if they were willing to pay $250 per/mo and tried RealTick. I think $250 per/mo is not much of a consideration when it comes to putting my life savings on the firing line. If I become convinced Esignal has more to offer than RealTick, I will make the change to Esignal and the cost difference will not be a determining factor. For most traders, Esignal would be the best choice due to cost. But, for a trader with several monitors to display their tables and charts on, RealTick does a great job. I use 32 windows in my trading display but I am sure I could do with less and be just as effective.
  7. In the past I have compared many time RealTick and eSignal and eSignal is more reliable in fast market as the open in the morning. The worse is that some insiders of RealTick that I know admit this fact. I am with esignal because this is a reliable realtime product for me and this is not the case for Realtick and I am happier because the price is better (not the converse).

    The drawback of Realtick is that they use an old client /server design for which some revamp are required, because the product is too sensitive from where is the server. If your location is near from a server area you have the jackpot, but for many trader this is not the case and RealTick lag on eSignal in fast market.
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    Does anyone know how reliable each product is in terms of frozen quotes,etc..