What's better: Great GPA, or positive track record?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by browncoat, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I'm considering just paying for a training fee, in the hopes that I can possibly get a positive track record and joining a more reputable prop firm.

    My gpa is poor, so will having a positive track record trump the gpa?

    Also, how do you show that you have a positive track record?

  2. bpcnabe


    Just go get your series 7 license and join any number of reputible firms. They wont care if you were 4.0 or 2.5, so long as you are able to make a deposit with them.

    Now, if you are talking about GS or such, then you are SOL
  3. drase


    I thought you had to be sponsored by a firm to get the Series 7?
  4. bpcnabe


    You can get just about ANY licensed shop to sponsor you for the test if they think you will join them. Once you have it, you can take it wherever you will go. You are not tied to th firm.