What's better forex or futures??

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by commoditiestrdr, Jan 31, 2008.

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    What do you guys think is better forex or futures trading.

    I've been trading futures but never forex was wondering what you guys think. Which is better and what's the difference.
  2. Why are you thinking about switching?
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    Not thinking about switching but trading both.

    Never got into forex. you pair two different currencies right?
  4. Forex is alright but you have to deal with bucket shop brokers and because they trade 24 hours a day it can get very stressful.
  5. I just addressed this in a previous post but here goes again:

    Forex Pro's:

    - Nice technically trading market
    - True 24 hour market 5 days a week
    - Deep liquidity
    - Plenty of volatility


    - Lack of regulation
    - No guarantees on execution
    - Large spreads can be prohibitive to short term trading

    There are of course IMM currency futures (CME) which gives you a bit of the best of both worlds...
  6. Why do you want to trade both? ES cannot handle your market order?
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    Well I trade with Elliott wave theory and want to get into as many markets as I can.

    I use elliott but other indicators as well. I want to find as many markets that are trading according to elliott
  8. By futures you mean commodities futures?
    Index futures?

    If you have a sound technical analysis and risk management (and a little fundamentals) you can trade almost any market.

    Dont fall into the Forex high leverage or daytrading trap.
  9. If you are trading EUR/USD - and you take a long position, you are simultaneously buying EUR and selling USD...in this way you are always trading 'currency pairs' in forex...
  10. August


    Doesn't that CME currency futures follow market hours with it's volatility?

    like the OP, I'm thinking of switching from futures to forex, but it's exclusively because I can't trade the prime futures hours and am looking for good evening trading in PST.
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