What's best for a newbie toe-dipper (EOD)?

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    Hello all,
    :confused: What trading software would you recommend for a newbie? I have a day-job (as an information security consultant), and am looking to start out as what I think is called an EOD trader.

    I have downloaded eSignal for trial, stumbled upon the open-source Marketcetera and EclipseTrader, and know there's tons more. But what are your experiences -- and choices? Does the choice even matter? :confused:

    Separately, I'm scanning book titles such as Way of the Turtle, Fooled By Randomness, Come into My Trading Room etc.

    Thanks in advance for your constructive responses, and best regards,

    PS: yenzen, thanks in advance for NOT responding.
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    thinkorswim, free data with funded account and great desktop app for stocks/options. great charts too.

    read the livermore book, reminisces of a stock operator and the wizard books by schwager as well as trading in hte zone by douglas.

    good luck
  3. For the EOD-Newbie I'd recommend;


    There are a lot of brokers out there. Before you get too concerned about which to choose focus on what, how, and how often you're trading.

    eSignal (on Demand)

    Ditto on Trading in the Zone by Douglas
    www.stockcharts.com free education section
    risk/position sizing chapter from Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Tharp

    Should be a good start.. Take your time.. Markets aren't going anywhere..
  4. hi! first of all you have to choose broker, and then you will use HIS software)))
    of course, you can purchase different trading terminal (for example pt multistation) which supports many brokers, if you are planing to trade professionally...

    i use protrader trading platform http://protrader.net/

    you can ask PFSoft about brokers at their forum http://protrader.org/forumdisplay.php?f=6
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