What's been going on in the world.

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    Hi there,

    Just wanted to ask what major things happened between 4th feb 2013 and 10 Feb 2013.. As in, what happened to the main world stock markets during that week and what were the market movements and developments in the uk, us, europe, japan and the emerging markets?
    Been trying to understand using the Financial Times, but finding it quite difficult to figure out what's been happening from there.
    Also, do you know what the main developments in the foreign excchange markets and the interest rates were? like, what was the performance of the sterling like and the levels of interest rates, both in the uk, and abroad, during that week? Was there a major announcement during that week, think I may have missed it..
    Also, in that week, apparently there was some major news and developments in the banking sector, but i can't find anything on that. Wanted to know how those developments might impact the current economic conditions and how it would affect the future expectations and forecasts.

    Also, do you know where I could find some really good notes on financial econometrics, and explained in a really good and clear way. I'm struggling a lot in understanding things in econometrics..

    thank you!