What's after Swift Trade?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by marketdude, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. What are some career options after getting experience at a prop firm like Swift Trade. I would like to know where people go after they getting some trading experience there. Only serious answers please.
  2. (Very Serious)

    I suggest you ask Charles Kim directly, he will share with you.

  3. wucah


    I am trying to figure this one out but you stumped me Don, it's not april fouls.. so you said you are very serious in parenthse. I need a hint Don.


    Ps. You don't have options. Hopefully you made some friends in university that will help to get you into their companies. You can also look around to manage a branch, I am sure there is a number of owners looking for some help. If none of these are viable options i sugest you get your Resume out and say you spend the time while at swifttrade travelling or taking care of your family farm.
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    Don is NOT joking. Charles Kim would answer questions regarding this.

    You need to seriously - read honestly - look to see if you are making money and decide if trading is something you want to do as a career. There are many firms that offer varying pay structures so you can look to those.

    If you have the bug then get yourself certified so your resume and knowledge base can get you into the finance industry. The bug of trading bites and opens an entire world. Be honest about your trading skills or a long struggle is ahead.
  5. Yup.
  6. I also can not decipher the code in this thread. DB knows CK and PB well enough to know their special behind the scenes business?! Go get a desk job at Omega? .....
  7. LOL, nothing so "special" and CK is open and proud of his business. No conspiracy going on (that I know about, LOL).

    Don :)
  8. Yes Don, from what I have heard CK is a talkative guy that is happy to help guide people in the right direction, if thats what you mean then good on ya!