what's a good way to sell info without people pirating it?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ROCK SOLID, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. as many of you know, ROCK is a fitness EXPERT. a few years ago, i bought a .com name with the intention of someday starting a site with exercise/diet info.

    i want to sell the info for like $50 or something. for the $50, they'll get a excel file and a .pdf file with all the info. or maybe i could password protect an area on the site where they can get the info. how about password protecting a .pdf file!?

    i know i could print and mail it, but i don't want to get involved with mailing stuff all the time. this is the electronic age, anyway....

    what's the best way to sell info like this? if i just email a person a .pdf file after they pay, they could just forward it to all their friends.

    what's the best way to do this?

    p.s. special deal for ET members once the site is up and running! :D
  2. set-up a PayPal acct is one thing you might consider
  3. yeah, i thought about that as a method of receiving the payment. but when i give them the information, how can i curb it being sent to other people who did not pay? even if i password protect the file, what's to stop someone from forwarding the file with the password, too??

    p.s. LongShot, you can be my first customer. I'll give u my info for free. just spam my site a few times somewhere in return. :cool:
  4. if you mean give PayPal your product they don't work that way. i use them fairly often as the buyer & seller. they accept and verify payment for you, then notify you to send the merchandise. one caveat, the fee they charge you, the seller, not the buyer, is pretty hefty imo (i cant recall exact amount). i go back because they are very convenient to use... will withdraw funds from checking accts, charge cards etc., and they VERIFY the transaction.

    ps i'll start the spamming immediately! :)
  5. right, i know. i've used paypal before. i guess i could start with paypal and checks....and accepts credit cards as i start making any money...

    my point of this thread is how to provide information for a fee and limit the pirating of it. so, say someone sends me the money thru paypal....then i'm going to give them my stuff. but i don't want them to forward it to other people.

    i'm thinking either maybe password protecting an area on my site..or password protecting the files themselves.........or some other idea???????
  6. just quickly sell the damm thing to as many people as you can before sales go to hell..

  7. prox


    Well, you can password protect the PDF file with the customer's real name ...

    that'll scare them from distributing it.

    also, disable print features
  8. Ken_DTU


    the only thing that works, and it works great, is a program I've bought called www.ebookpro.com

    it prevents Both screencapping as well as printing, And it has the ebook check in to a live server to authenticate itself every now and then. it's bulletproof :)

    all other ebook formats can be screencapped and/or password shared. not ebook pro. I've tested it with the free ebook I distribute (close to 4,000 downloads to date :) and will be using it for my others as well.

  9. welo


    Depending on how serious you are about this I can help set you up with a secure member subscription system that's been in development for close to a year now and will do everything you need, to include a managed subscription list to interface with your choice of payment gateways, secure downloads tracker, even your own forum if you want.

    Email me if you're interested. If you don't want to commit to this extent, the mentioned eBook solution with registration keys is the next best recourse.