Whats a good video to buy to learn Technical Analysis?

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  1. Whats a good video to buy to learn Technical Analysis? Also are there any good books on TA?
  2. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John Murphy.

    Excellent book on TA. Gives you the basics. Where you go from there is up to you.
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    You can check out what some members think in the book review section

    Some quick thoughts:
    • Edwards & Magee is the classic
    • I happen to like the way Pring writes
    • Also check out Nison if you want to learn a little about candlesticks
    • Finally, Bulkowski's book is a great reference tool
  4. thanks for the book advice golablue and bl82..... Any1 know of any good "videos" to watch on Technical analysis?
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    You can find a lot of presentations at

    About $20 a month. Not much has been added over the last 10 years that is not here. Vendors like TradersInternational are just repackaging stuff that is here for a fraction of the cost. A lot of junk, but some good stuff too.

    Good luck
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    By the way, some software vendores offer CD and online videos so you can get it for free.
  7. THanks xtrhvydty slacker kiwi777 :)