What's a good trading strategy if your working 7am to 4pm.

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  1. I just accepted a job that I cannot refuse. Although this job will pay for all the bills and more, I still would like to continue trading. It's something I really enjoy. I was just wondering on what is a good strategy if you cannot be in front of the computer during market hours. Any suggestions? Trading on news after hrs. is something that comes to mind.
  2. Swing trade equities. If you need something a bit more active, there's the HSI futures at night.
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    trade euro-bund of multi tick chart that is more less equal to daily chart.Can be done.
  5. after hours reports are fun to trade and can be very profitable! doubt u'll make tons of money only doin' that tho...well, maybe if u get really good and go all in often..

    u can trade sgxnk @sgx; nikkei contract. smooth and trendy, low margins req and sorta predictable. also k200 [kospi] not that bad and finally spi [aussie futs]: thin crap but again, pretty trendy.
  6. Depend on your job. How many hours are you actually working? Do you have access to internet and computer at all time?

    If not, you might consider trading on fundamentals....
  7. I do have access to the internet, but would not really want to do it at work. I hate trading without full concentration. Besides this guys are pretty strict when it comes to surfing the net during working hours. I'm interested on Asian and European trading maybe swing as well. Don't really like trading on fundamentals.
  8. IB offers all these stuff?? I smell large amount of tuition fee learning all these:(
  9. nah, just 20-50k to be on your way to b/e. obviously after a decade.:D
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    learn to trade options. that will take a few years and by then you might not have the job any more.

    this is stupid. Just trade the daily bars. what do you think people did before all this internet computer trading came along. back before say 1980 personal computers did not exist. no one ever saw a 5 min chart. everyone used daily bars and had to do them at home by hand. people went to work. phoned the broker got a quote and gave him the order. great way to trade. then on tuesday the chart book thru last friday arrived in the mail. and you could look it over for a trade on wednesday morning and update the chart until the next chart book came in the mail.

    most people make a lot more money trading this way. those 5 min bars just chew up the money and encourage a gambling addiction.
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