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  1. someone who wants to open a 20k account, daytrade probably 3-8 trades a day, looking for reliability and low spread(cost), and the availability of pairs?

    i hear Saxo Bank, Dukacopy, IB are pretty decent.... was wondering if someone could share some insight with me..

    also dukacopy is not a u.s. firm... is there a difference? should i mainly look for broker firms in the u.s.?
  2. I think most of Us brokers are fine for 20k account.
    FXCM, Gain, GFT , InterbankFX.

    If your main concern is spread
    then try Ikon GM.
    I have attached spread table.
    Really fantastic

    But the only thing that i doubt is that , that i found this info on It's Ib's website www.invest2forex.com and there is no information at IKons official website www.ikongm.com about institutional spreads.
  3. None of the above is ANY good for daytrading (what the guy above wants to do) , they are all bucketshops

    The good ones are IB,Dukascopy, EFX (avoid Saxobank) and with IB you have security of your deposit
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    try roylal divsion ikon gm they give very good spreads on there mt-4 platform
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  6. its kinda hard looking for reliable broker
  7. i had terrible experience with some brokers who are out to milk a lot of traders..