Whats a good book/video to learn PC basics?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by privateisland, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. I know a average amount about PC hardware and software. I can do the basics and to a average person I seem very computer literate. I know though that most of my info comes from trial and error. The last computer course I took was in 95' and things have changed so much. I keep up to date with info and sometimes read PC type magazines. Whats a good book or video that really helps explain all aspects of computers. I know that's probably a tall order though. Is there maybe a couple of them I should get? I want something that's not so in-depth that it overwhelms though. Thanks so much and have a great trading week.
  2. Yes, very open ended question I asked. Pretty much I'd like to learn the basics of programing, what all the technical terms all mean, what goes with what, basics of building your own PC etc. I guess just a good well rounded knowledge. Enough that I could call myself computer literate and not by lying:)
  3. My question is with software applications.

    For example many times when I am working with Word or some other well know products like Excel, I have little problems like how to create letterhead let's just say.

    Does anyone know if there is a company that offers CHEAP, FAST and EASY answers to these types of annoying little application questions.
  4. That's the type of stuff i'm talking about Samson. I was thinking that if I knew more of the "how to stuff" I could answer them myself. Or at least that's my goal.
  5. Banjo


  6. TY Tiki and Banjo for the links. I'll check them out more in depth tonight.


    ... I don't know your knowledge level. But after seeing this man's commercials a zillion times ("Try my product!" "Try my product!" "Try my product!"), I ordered one for my aunt, she knows just as much about computers as I know about brain surgery. The CD went far beyond the patience I could give her, and she's done pretty well. I paid for the shipping and the 1st CD was free, overpriced on shipping but worth it.

    http://www.videoprofessor.com (I have no interest "whatsoever" with this company

    From the looks of the titles it seems there something that may be of interest to you. Good luck!