What's a bidtic?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mag, Aug 30, 2006.

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  2. I read about a guy who got bit by one and his pecker fell off.:(
  3. roflmho
  4. I never knew that!!
    I am scared to ask you what an asktic is.
    I may not be able to live with the answer.
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    I know it's a stupid question but a little help would be great.
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    yeah most people would rather make fun of you than help you out... ;)

    it's more like bid tick (rather than bidtic)...

    do you know what a bid is? do you know what a tick is?

    if you know both of those and the context in which you heard bid tick you can probably figure it out.


  8. The fella got more info out of my post.:D
  9. A bid tick means that the price of the tick (i.e., a single trade) was at the bid price. An ask tick means they hit the offer.
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