Whatever happened with Hitman?

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  1. Did he go down with the Worldco ship? Is his Princess still using him for a doormat? Did he ever make enough money to buy a coop? Is he here now using another handle? Maybe Baron could let him come back if he promised to behave?
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  3. He's now advocating the PRC's forceable takeover of Taiwan to restore Chinese pride. Moron.
  4. Wow. Now that's an interesting mental picture. I bet Ernie would have hitman shining his shoes and oiling his muscles within a day or two.
  5. Oil and a spit shine. Yeah, that's the two of them.
  6. I believe Hitman has gone from promising his dominating bitch-queen who he's never even kissed... uh, I mean his "princess"... he's gone from promising her a million dollars to $113.75 and a six-pack of Spam.
  7. Hey, all you chicks out there who say you want a 'sensitive' guy.

    Put your money where your mouth is, and pop hitman's cherry already.
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  9. Hitman now with FXCM.
    Of course Baron will let him come back.
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