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  1. Electricsavant? I wonder how he is doing with his forex trading.

    Hitman? It was a long time ago, but I just wanted to know how he failed. Seemed like he was doing well in prop.

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  3. Bummer! I was hoping that he made it after all the efforts he put into trading.
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    he wants a 100% risk free automate system.
  5. No wonder. He is seeking something that doesn't exist, unless he is willing to settle for the return of a GIC.

  6. Hitman was doing good. He was able to pull in $200 - $1000 on a daily basis. He was good at reading price action with high win rates.

    I guess his major downfall was risk management and that was affected by his mindset.

    Also the commission he was paying took up half of his gross profit. I don't think he knows how little things like commission could significantly affect his odd of success.

    I kind of feel bad for him that he sacrificed so much and at the end, he got absolutely nothing out of it.

    Whatever he is doing, I hope he is living a happy and normal life.

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    While capable of being a nice guy he was also a certifiable nut case. After begging relentlessly to become a mod he engaged in numerous acts unbecoming and got canned. I don't remember if he left ET on his own or if he got banned.
  8. So I heard. People were questioning if Mrs. ElectricSavant was really himself. I really don't know what happened, but I guess the market does turn people into a nut case if they struggle long enough.