Whatever happened to TraderVic

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  1. I used to call his 1-900 number and was wondering what happened to Victor Sperandio, did he get wiped out, I hope not.
    He would trade everything at the same time, I know he must have been a chain smoker, and update his calls from a Lounge pay phone. And what happened to Zweig, or how about Dorfman on CNBC, man that guy could move a stock.
  2. I am not sure, but, I know Zweig's system works. (verified by AAII, Validea.com, and various other sources)
  3. Victor has taken a regular paying job with benefits..

    Zweig is still wondering why he isn't worth more money..

    Dorfman went into an reverse aging time machine at the same time that Michael Jackson did....After making him look much younger, he added weight, had plastic surgery to change his appearance and changed his name to James Cramer....(Still moving stocks BTW)

    Jim Rogers..( I know you didn't ask about him) is still waiting for agriculture commodity prices to go thru the ceiling and still enjoys his beer very, very cold.....He still does have many restless nights worrying about his China investments and wondering if they will ever work out like he thought.....Still very saddened that he wasn't picked to star opposite Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider"
  4. Isn't Zweig running his mutual funds?
  5. you have a second career available as the guy that writes the stuff at the end of bad movies where they tell you what happens to the guy in 20 years
  6. Actually, Jim Rogers entered the Chinese B shares markets in 1999 and made a boatload of money in the ensuing bull market. Even if we're in a bear market for the last few years.
  7. He changed his name to traderDick :)
  8. Victor enjoyed an occasional cigar every now and then, but he was not a smoker, let alone a chain smoker. He's been a very successful trader throughout most of his career, and has a most incredible library of books on technical analysis at his home in Short Hills, NJ that go back to the early 1900's. Also of note, probably one of the foremost authorities on Dow Theory. He can recite market history like no one else, and I'm not talking about "market history" since the 1990's.
  9. I thought Vic lives in Dallas, not NJ :confused:
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