whatever happened to Maverick74

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Johno, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Johno


    Does anyone know what he is up to these days?
  2. Sushi


    RIP mav.

    He was one of the good guys

    Will be missed
  3. he stuck his head so far up his azz he suffocated? :D
  4. I heard he's pumping ethel gas at the Exxon in Texas.

    That's just what I heard.

    "Get your windows for ya govern'r?"
  5. Sushi


    It's really not funny
  6. What's not funny? Mav at a fill'n station in Texas or him blowing himself up once per year every year while acting as though he knows all and shits all about everything trading?

    To some...they both are.

  7. nitro


    I met John a couple of times. We were both for a brief time 50 feet from each other in Merril Lynch offices.

    I don't know what happened to him. I do know that something on the order of 50% of option traders (some of them good traders) were decimated during the volatility of mid to late 2008.

    People on ET think that trading is some endless stream of cash year in and year out. Most traders I know have blow out their accounts at some point in their career. You lock and reload. If you blow your net worth, that is a different story.
  8. nkhoi

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    busy building his branch?
  9. Sushi


    Kicked the bucket. Why is this funny? This is a stressful business. Rest in peace mav
  10. I had asked about his branch at one point and he answered my questions, offered me the chance to come down and talk to him and recommended Logical Trader. Very nice guy I'd say. I have adapted some of the ACD for my own trading, and have been working on refining it further. Like too many things I need to sit and really get down what I want to refine, and test it out. I hope all is going great for him and his firm.
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