Whatever happened to Lot's descendants?

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  1. short and medium-term matter less when time does not exist, Most people are so focused on the short and medium-term, they forget that life on earth as an animal is similar to being a well-fed monkey in a zoo...
    They're somewhere in the highlands of Ethiopia
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  2. Trick question like “How many animals were on Moses Ark”? Ammon and Moab were not born yet.
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    it sounds odd.

    there were lots of information about what happened hundreds of thousands years ago.
    But not much information about what happened a few hundred years ago.
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  4. I was doing a bit of reading over this long weekend and came across a few tidbits of facts relevant to this discussion. (with a few questions)
    *** Why do women of Eurasian descent like being sodomized? (I would like an honest answer)
    *** Human homosexuality originates from an infant's subconscious disposition that the mother figure looks similar to the male pre-pubescent which makes the adult male subconsciously compelled .. (reason based on science).
    *** Asians are distant cousins of a lot given the migration patterns of Caucasians...
    *** Morbid sexuality in the Homosapien subspecies of primates originates in the unnatural cohabitation of male and female of the species... every species seems to have mating patterns that are in tune with nature
    *** Skin without color(white skin) is a genetic mutation closely linked to albinism.
    *** While primitive, humans base their reality on limited observation of recorded history.
    *** I noticed the female of their species spends vast amounts of time sending mating calls without producing and offspring...(Eurasians)

    I know some of you fools will get slightly emotional...relax, drink a glass of water, but think clearly, and have an honest reflection on some of the points I'm making cause these people enjoy being analyzed and examined...
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  5. The parasite likes the swine's blood, the swine and the parasite have a love affair cause they are lost in the annals of history, this is stranger than fiction, cause their ending is my beginning, gemera,... these lepers of Caucasia and the Roman with the mark of Cain will reap what they have sown...that you can count on more than the silver you hold in your pocket... I can only die once but live forever...
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    They could be here.
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