Whatever happened to Jack Hershey?

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  2. Work is completed at ET, the JH tribe is at another site that runs a tighter ship.
  3. Lucrum


    At his age I figured he was dead by now.
  4. New style of posting.
    Mission impossible. You have 30 seconds after he posts to grab the message or it self destructs.
  5. "Whatever happened to Jack Hershey?"

    i heard he is in talks to buy Greece
  6. The best Jack Hershey thread ever was a user post on here regarding a list of top trading gurus for that year by Forbes and Jack Hershey made the upper ranks. Whoa. Could it be? For a moment, the post gave credibility to the man who had been ridiculed on this site so often. Could it be that behind his incomprehensible forum posts that Jack had a winning method, and t28 was wrong all along?? Upon clicking on the thread, the truth was reveled. The posting date was April 1, April Fools!

  7. Can't find the old April Fools thread, but did come across this classic.

    Duref Mudgins Invites Jack Hershey to Reminisce

    Socrates had his Plato. Odysseus had his Homer. Johnson had his Boswell. Now Hershey has his own biographer (hey, I'm the best he can hope for). So, Jack, you and I are the two oldest guys on ET. We have similar educational backgrounds. We were both in federal service. We're both published authors. We both pretend to trade. Whaddaya say? You are ET's protege (in the French sense of "protected")...

  8. Is that the guy who claimed 100% success rate in trading?
  9. is this ?

  10. I don't know anything about him except from the comical posts from t28. He use to say that JH was a failed trader that lived with his spouse, owes back taxes, and his star protege -- spiderguy or something -- showed up to a formal event in dirty shoes.

    I don't know if any of this stuff is true or not but it was funny!!
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