Whatever happend to pork bellies?

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  1. Weren't bellies huge in the 80s? There is almost zero volume in them now. Is it because of all the index futures now? Maybe I'm off because I'm only in my 20s but it seems like I used to hear a lot about bellies.
  2. You mean pork bellies as in a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich?

    I think it has to do with the evolution of the livestock industy, larger producers, factory farms and integration with packers and producers. Risk management is shited to input costs, grains, efficiency of operations and the widespead use of illegal labor in packing plants. Not a lot of huge end users of pork compared to beef, McDonalds, etc....

    That was the first pit I ever saw in person, 5 years old when my dad worked for jon morrell.
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    The market manipulating MMs dug their own grave.
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    Yes. I believe the largest market maker was Duke & Duke. That one trader, Billy Ray Valentine was HUGE.
  5. Bellies used to be king! god alot of money was made and lost. I had an awful awful tradae one time havent been back since, I will someday though. There is a belly/lean hog spread that comes around once every 3-5 yrs and its a fucking killer if it goes, picked up 20 bucks last time on it