Whatcha think about NVTL

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by aaronk321, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. I own this POS at $16. I'm still riding it. However, with the CFO resigning and new guidance it's giving me some bad vibes. It reminds me of DIVX when they up their guidance and the CFO resigned.

    I might have to go with SWIR and dump this pos. It just don't feel right with guidance news to prop up the stock.

    I was so sure this will hit the 40s. Oh well..
  2. Archurch


    I love the stock run-up and am glad that you have made a profit from the $16 purchase price.

    Safety: Sell and lock in your gains.

    Risky: Run up more till the ride stops.

    Middle: Sell half of your stake to protect what you have gained already, keeping the other half to see if the ride continues or stops.

    My $0.02 of common sense.
  3. i almost got my head handed to me playing NVTL pre-mkt..i saw the upped guidence and it was huge..i jumped in and then it dropped with the cfo leaving..i wound up eating a bit over 100 bucks,no big deal,.,.it was scary though...
  4. NVTL was on a nice uptrend. This CFO leaving might ruin it. I was so sure it was gonna pop to $40+. Now, it's 50/50 - based on the CFO and the market sentiment.